25 Outrageous Claims Made by Arvind Kejriwal. No.6 Has Been Proven Wrong Too Many Times!

There are plenty of people in the country who keep saying stupid things, but Indian politicians always take it to a whole new level. Consider Arvind Kejriwal, not because of his political heroics but because of the memes and trolls about him that flood social media week in and week out.

Kejriwal is the current CM of Delhi, and that’s pretty well and good considering his Aam Aadmi Party won 67 out of the 70 seats in the last elections. Campaigning against corruption, Kejriwal has been in the limelight for more wrong reasons than the right ones! Take a look at 25 such cases where Kejriwal’s outrageous and plain stupid claims have backfired!

1) No support for the Congress party whatsoever


Arvind Kejriwal once took an oath (on his children) that he would neither support Congress nor ask Congress to support him no matter the situation. This hilarious claim proved baseless when he joined hands with the Congress party recently. Kejriwal claimed he would rather be in the Opposition if he didn’t win with a clear majority than join forces with the Congress, announcing that corruption can’t be eliminated from the nation if the Congress is in the frame. His short memory was apparent later.

2) Claimed that he overheard judges say their phones are tapped


Kejriwal claimed that he heard judges at the Delhi High Court’s 50th anniversary claim to maybe having their phones tapped and therefore, not to speak on phones. He took a U-turn on this statement by stating later that he did not know if what he said was true or not.

3) Chose public service over being an Income Tax Commissioner


Kejriwal once claimed in a letter that he opted to serve the public over being an Income Tax Commissioner. The Income Tax Department, however, chose to differ, and straightaway disapproved any such claim!

4) Claimed access to a 370-page document proving certain facts about Sheila Dixit


Before coming to power, Kejriwal claimed that he had a mammoth 370-page document as proof against Sheila Dixit and would send her to jail once he ascended to power. Fast forward to the time when he came into power; Kejriwal totally forgot where his proof lay was and started asking the BJP for it!

5) No to a government residence


Kejriwal was against the use of government residences. After becoming Delhi’s CM though, he forgot his stand and requested for a couple of bungalows!

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  1. During Sheila Dixit’s term, on a rape case incident, he went on camera to say, CM cannot be as helpless n cannot pass on blame saying police is not under her control… He also suggested ways hiw they will tackle this if they come to power… After he being elected, he has been passing on blame always stating police is not under his control n center is answerable not him