25 Astounding Facts about Baba Ramdev & His Rs. 5000 Crore Brand Patanjali

Ramakrishna Yadav, now popularly known as Baba Ramdev is a yoga teacher who has a huge fan following- even if it’s not really for his preaching’s. His flexible postures, rather his ability to mould his body at own will, is what attracts most of his followers. Sometimes, he looks like a ‘no-bone’ man; yes, just muscles and more muscles, with no six-packs. He is one personality who has made yoga popular among TV viewers.

More recently, his brand ‘Patanjali’ has gained immense popularity among the masses and the classes alike. There are many people who use the products, associating it with the ‘fitness’ of the yoga guru himself.

His image is truly distinct, as he is believed to be an ‘organic’ man himself. This also means no adulteration. His open comments on TV are heard with ‘awe’. After all, in a world where stress and sleepless nights rule the roost, Baba Ramdev believes in personal ability to sleep the moment you hit the bed. So, what do we call him- a yoga teacher, a psychologist, a business tycoon, a brand, or a person with mystic senses? We know he is famous, yet the guru is shrouded in mystery. Well, let’s look into 20 lesser known facts about him, and decide.

1. Baba Ramdev has no profits from Patanjali


Yes, you heard it right. Most of us associate ‘Patanjali’ with Ramdev, and correctly so; as he is the brand ambassador of the company. Yet, being a Swami, he is not accounted as a stakeholder of the company. He is rather the public face and, prefers to address himself as the creative force behind the brand. More officially, he does not have any designation in the company, and does not hold any shares of Patanjali. His associate, Balkrishna, also the founder of the company has a 94% stake in the company.

2. He is a workaholic


Physical and mental yoga are part of his everyday life. Even though Baba Ramdev doesn’t have a take-home salary, he is believed to put in 15 man-hours of work every day. No weekend holidays for him, this includes Sundays as well. His work clock may be 7 am- 10 pm, but his body-clock is much more active. We wonder if ‘morning exercise’ is enough for the God man; who wakes up at 3 am every day and still manages to hold fitness camps.

3. Paralysis to flexibility


Baba Ramdev has talked about suffering from a paralysis attack during childhood. The medical incident had a serious affect on the left side of his body, leaving him paralyzed. Though he has no evidence to prove it; his miracle transformation as a fitness expert only adds to his endorsement and conviction-of yoga. We all have noticed his left-eye wink; yet the complete transformation is worth a mention every time.

4. He does not consume grain


Yes! The face associated with one of the highest selling ‘organic food’ brand has not tasted any of it. He has not eaten any grain for more than 10 years now. Well, calling himself a creative force behind the brand ‘Patanjali’, we wonder if this creativity comes from sheer mental yoga. He has survived his fitness and health, by only eating boiled vegetables and fruits. His only other liquid is cow milk, besides water. He sleeps on the floor, and not more than 4 hrs a day.

5. He is a school drop-out


The Yogic guru is not just a school drop-out, but also ran away from home when he was in the 8th standard. He then wondered off to learn yoga and Sanskrit from various Gurukuls. His real-time experience of spending time in Himalayas as a Sanyasi, only added to his knowledge and mental expertise.

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