20 Places to Visit in Coorg You Probably Missed the Last Time. No. 9 is a Must-Visit!

6) Iruppu Falls


Located in the Brahmagiri Hill Range, the Iruppu Falls are one of the most magnificent sites to visit in Coorg. This place also has a strong religious connection as the river from which these falls originates is said to be discovered by Lord Lakshman. The enthralling and resonating sounds of the falls and the magnificent views surrounding it should be reasons enough for you to make a visit to this place.

7) Omkareshwar Temple


Built by Lingarajendra II in 1820 and dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Omkareshwar Temple in Madikeri is of a great heritage value and makes for a must-visit site while in Coorg. This temple has been built on both Islamic and Gothic lines. As the story goes, the temple was actually built to appease the spirit of a Brahmin who was killed by the king. Resembling a Muslim Dargah, the Omkareshwar Temple banishes religious boundaries and limits and uses Islamic styles in a Hindu temple.

8) Barapole River


The Barapole River is ideal for rafting. With forests on either side of the river, the rapids range in between 02 and 04. The white waters of the river offer a thrilling rafting experience with the length of the rapids extending up to 6 km. Apart from rafting, you also get to experience river crossing adventures and zip lining.

9) Gaddige


Gaddige, also known widely as Gudduge, is one tourist spot in Coorg that you must not forget to visit. With a heavy touch of history on it, Gaddige is the collective name given to the tombs of kings Lingarajendra, Virarajendra and one of the priests who attended their court. Resembling a Muslim Dargah, Gaddige contains a tomb in the middle with turrets surrounding it at each end.

10) St. Anne’s Church


Built in 1792, St. Anne’s Church in Virajpet holds a special historical value as it was built in the same year the town of Virajpet was founded. Father Gullivan constructed this church. The most intriguing thing about this church is that it was completely destroyed in 1811 and was rebuilt in 1868. The 180 feet high steeple resembling a candle is also one of the main attractions for you to plan your visit here.

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