25 Crazy Things to Do in Goa. How Many Have You Done?

Want to party in Goa this New Year’s Eve or anytime soon? Goa has a charm that doesn’t seem to fade. But have you really explored all the experiences that Goa has to offer? While Goa is a great place to party, how about doing something offbeat while you’re there? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many things you could do in addition to partying.

Goa houses many churches and other heritage buildings. It also offers you several adventure sports. There are thousands of shopping points for shopaholics and casinos for those who want to try to make a quick buck. While you can also party with your friends on the beaches, you could explore the other side of Goa for a change.

We have listed out 25 crazy activities that you can do while you’re in Goa. Scroll down and see how you can make your trip even more memorable.

1) Backwater kayaking


Goa is more than just the sea and beaches. It has some beautiful rivers that offer the perfect kayaking experience as well. The rivers like Mandovi, Nerul and the backwaters of Zuari and Sal are perfect for a kayaking tour. Try these rides and discover your adventurous side.

2) Visit the spice plantations


Do you know what makes Goan food so irresistible? It’s the homegrown spices. Goa has been blessed with the ideal weather for growing spices. Take time out of your schedule and visit various spice plantations and take some goodness of fresh spices home.

3) Go wine tasting at the Grape Escapade


Did you know that the Grape Escapade is India’s biggest wine fest, which is held in Goa? Enjoy dazzling wines in a picturesque setting while on a vacation. What more can you ask for!

4) Discover underwater shipwreck


If you’re a history buff, you will know that the Portuguese ruled Goa for more than 450 years. Since the sea was the primary way to commute, shipwrecks were a common affair. Goa provides exotic scuba diving experiences through which you can get a guided tour of these wrecked ships underwater. Isn’t that exciting?

5) Pay the crocodiles a visit


Goa is a home to a lot of crocodiles. To watch them laze around in their natural habitat is sure exciting. Book your trip with any local tour operator to pay visit the crocs, and try not to become their meal!

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