10 Life Lessons You Must Learn from Virat Kohli! No.8 Is Indeed Special!

Whether you like him or not, Virat Kohli has got to be one of the most talented cricketers of all time. While flipping through sports channels on a lazy afternoon I ended up watching an Under-15 cricket match in which young Virat was just smashing everyone around. I thought, “This guy’s got something.” and left it at that. Fast forward few years, the man has broken countless records and is on his way to becoming one of the greatest Indian cricketers ever! (If Sir. Vivian Richards says so, who am I to disagree?)

Here are 10 life lessons to learn from this young cricketing legend:

1. Find your calling


We’re all good at something; for some, it might be cricket, for others it might be something else like cooking. As Joseph Campbell famously put, “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”  Like Virat, you’ve got to find your calling and you’ll have a successful, fulfilling life and give joy to those around you.

2. Enjoy What You Do


This could be the second part of the previous point. When Virat is out there batting, you can always tell he is absolutely enjoying every minute of it. On his day, he can make the most dangerous of bowlers look like street kids playing in an alley. No matter what you do, enjoy your work and results will come.

3. Hard work

Virat nets

You don’t get to the level of success Virat has had without putting in the work. From his early days, Virat has been known to be a hard worker. Slogging it out in the nets or in the gym, his hard work has definitely paid off.  Not that you’re not working hard right now, maybe you need to give just a little bit extra!

4. Technically Strong


Nobody can argue that Virat Kohli isn’t a technical player. Just like Sachin Tendulkar, he is one of those rare players who can play every shot in the book at will and make the opposition look weak. No matter what your profession, to excel, you need to be technically strong and that comes only with practice.

5. Attitude (AKA Doesn’t Give A SH**)

This is one of the best things I like about Virat Kohli. He has an aggression about him which almost borderlines arrogance. It could be because he knows what he’s capable of and is not afraid to show it. Some might mistake this attitude for arrogance, but when you are dealing with a bowling opposition as intimidating as Australia and you just don’t give a sh**, that’s something really special.

Fastest 100 by any Indian (off 52 balls), now that doesn’t happen without some aggression does it?

Also, check out this video for attitude!

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