25 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn from Lord Hanuman

Indian mythology has always had an ethical and moral touch to them — they have always taught us ways to live our lives peacefully through their powerful stories. Written by Rishi Valmiki, Ramayana traces the life-journey of Lord Rama and his family.

Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama’s staunch and biggest devotee, is one of the most powerful Indian Gods who teaches us the true ways of living life even in the present world. Here we present you 25 amazing lessons of life that Lord Hanuman teaches us throughout Ramayana.

1) Being wise


Lord Hanuman shows us that wisdom and presence of mind are the most necessary aspects of one’s character. When Lord Hanuman couldn’t find the “Sanjeevani Booti” to cure Lakshman, he took the entire mountain Dunagiri with him. His presence of mind saved Lakshman.

2) Following your dreams


Lord Hanuman was a true follower and the greatest disciple of his master Lord Rama. Through his life, he showed us to never stop following the things you want in life and to never stop chasing your dreams and goals.

3) Punctuality


One needs to be punctual in life in order to achieve goals. Lord Hanuman taught us to be punctual when he brought the Dunagiri Mountain to save Lakshman’s life in time. Lord Hanuman’s sole aim was to save Lakshman and his punctuality helped him do so.

4) Being brave


Lord Hanuman has been a symbol of bravery to his followers. When Lord Rama asked him to visit Lanka and give his message to Sita, he agreed at once even after knowing the dangers of the expedition. We need to be brave enough to face dangers, only then can we conquer them.

5) Having faith and courage


When Sita couldn’t be found, the Vaanar Sena was distraught and decided to end their lives. However, Lord Hanuman showed great courage and faith to leap across the ocean and into Lanka. He taught us to never back down and have faith and courage to overcome any obstacle in our lives.

6) Not being materialistic


Lord Hanuman once destroyed a pearl necklace that Sita gave him as a token of appreciation of his devotion. He did so because he didn’t want anything that didn’t have the presence of Lord Rama in it. Being materialistic makes one greedy and Lord Hanuman taught us the way to free ourselves from greed.

7) Selflessness


Lord Hanuman was the epitome of selflessness. Through his life, he taught us to always help others and portray selflessness.

8) Fun-loving


Lord Hanuman ate fruits and set the whole of Lanka to fire intentionally when he could have just delivered the message to Sita and returned. Lord Hanuman, who was naughty since he was a child, taught us to be fun-loving. Having some fun might prove to be a welcome break from all the challenges that we face in life.

9) Respecting your elders


We can learn the great virtue of respecting elders and others from Lord Hanuman who never disrespected Lord Rama and his family. He was never boisterous and always respected his elders no matter what.

10) Unconditional love


In this world of loving where “conditions apply”, Lord Hanuman teaches us the meaning of unconditional love. He split his chest to show the image of Lord Rama and Sita in his heart and that remains the standard of limitless love.

11) Being humble


Being immortal and possessing unimaginable strength, Lord Hanuman was never proud and was always humble. He taught was to never misuse our powers or show off and always have be grounded.

12) Being a great friend


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Lord Hanuman was a great friend and helped Sugreeva through his ordeal against Bali. He taught us to help our friends whenever they are in need.

13) Being dynamic


Lord Hanuman is considered to be the epitome of strength and wisdom. With these qualities and immortality on his side, Lord Hanuman could do anything — from playing various instruments to writing poems. Still, he never stopped learning and trying to achieve greater heights. He taught us that there is never an end to the knowledge that we can gain.

14) Being a great listener and a wise mentor


Lord Hanuman advised Vibhishan, Ravana’s younger brother, to become the king of Lanka and in course of time, he did become the king. Lord Hanuman taught us to listen to problems carefully and be wise enough to guide others through their problems.

15) Being a go-getter


Being a go-getter is a very important aspect of a human being’s personality. Lord Hanuman teaches us just that. He was ever-ready for any task that was given to him and his ambition was something that needs to be emulated to live a successful life.

16) Adapt to the situation


Lord Hanuman grew in size whenever the situation demanded it — when he crossed the ocean or lifted the mountain. Though this doesn’t mean that we literally need to grow in size, what it actually means is that if the situation demands it, we need to mature and grow up quickly so as to deal with the matter. We need to adapt ourselves to every crisis to face and conquer it.

17) Being a visionary


Lord Hanuman knew that Lord Rama was the only one who could save Sugreeva. This sort of far-sightedness is required to live a full life and Lord Hanuman teaches us just that.

18) No excuses


If there is a will, there is a way. This has been taught to us time and again by Lord Hanuman. Whether it was to seek Sita in Lanka or leap across the ocean to get there, he has taught us to make no excuses and that our will is enough to make the impossible happen.

19) Being composed and calm


Lord Hanuman taught us the important lesson of staying calm and composed in times of adversity. When he was taken to Ravana’s court by his guards, he stayed calm and surveyed the entire kingdom. Later, he used his calm observations to set fire to Lanka!

20) Being honest and dedicated


Honesty, loyalty, dedication and hard work are the lessons that Lord Hanuman has taught us through his actions. He wasn’t considered a God then, but his actions, integrity and loyalty to Lord Rama made him attain a God-status with us.

21) Surrendering the ego


Lord Hanuman could have easily hesitated to be subordinate to Lord Rama knowing that he had immense powers and unique abilities. Instead, he surrendered himself to Lord Rama and overcame his own ego in the process. He teaches us the same — to let go of our ego in order to unlock our higher self.

22) Being a good negotiator


The way Lord Hanuman negotiated the partnership of Lord Rama and Sugreeva teaches us how to negotiate situations in our daily life.

23) Being optimistic


Optimism is one of the most important aspects that should be incorporated in our personality and Lord Hanuman taught us just that. Hanuman told Lord Rama that the dark blotch on the moon was a sign that the moon was Lord Rama’s slave and hence, had his dark face in his heart when Lord Rama asked him about the blotch. While others gave pessimistic replies, his optimism stood out.

24) Being a saviour


There is a huge difference between being a saviour and a killer. Killing to save is a totally different thing, and Lord Hanuman was a saviour. This was depicted in how he chose to protect Yayati instead of refusing to do so. Instead, he chose to prevent Lord Rama from killing Yayati by chanting his name to show his devotion. Lord Hanuman thus teaches us to save and not to kill.

25) Keeping promises


Lord Hanuman promised Lord Rama that he would find Sita and deliver a message. Despite all the difficulties he faced in Lanka while on this mission, he ensured that he found Sita and conveyed the message to her. Through this, Lord Hanuman teaches us that a promise made can be achieved if one is determined.

Lord Hanuman has given us many life lessons to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments section!

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