30 Tips To Heal Your Broken Heart Quickly

“The saddest thing about love is that not only that it cannot last forever, but that heartbreak is soon forgotten.” — William Faulkner

We all have phases where we have to deal with a broken heart. At times, it seems impossible to get over it but rest assured there is nothing that is impossible. We understand what it takes to move on and hence, have a list of 30 tips that can help mend your broken heart and get you back on track. Read on.

1) You can always choose

choose pain or fight

We all know that every decision comes with a choice and it stands as no exception with heartbreak. You can either fight it or succumb to the pain. Don’t go around feeling helpless, just deal with it.

2) Know your story

know your story

Understand that your feelings were true even though the relationship did not work out or last. It simply wasn’t your fault.

3) Stick to the present

happy young woman outdoor rising hands and looking at landscape on sunset

Do not dwell too much in the past. Even though this appears to be seriously challenging at first, you must learn to enjoy the present.

4) Leave the guilt behind

Businessman standing and casting shadow of an angry man

Everything happens for a reason. Do not carry the burden of a dead relationship. Instead, let it flow through and pass.

5) Don’t be hard on yourself

dont be hard on yourself

Healing needs time. Do not restrict your emotions or suppress them. Just let them be and they will fade away.

6) Use your time wisely

use your time wisely

Keep yourself busy and occupied. This will lessen repetitive flashbacks and allow you to focus on things at hand.

7) Pick up new skills

pick up new skills

Engage in learning newer things. This gives you an opportunity to channelize your energy. Whether it is art or craft, just go ahead and enrol in a class.

8) Passion time

passion time

Take time to pursue things that you are passionate about. From poetry to photography, you can join a group of people with similar interests. This will help you socialise as well.

9) Be with right people

be with right people

This can be really helpful when you want to ease the heartache. Be with friends who let you be yourself and who inspire you to be better.

10) Go the spiritual way

spiritual way

Meditation, prayers and some solitude will help you introspect. It will also allow you to connect with your inner self and heal quickly.

11) Don’t avoid going out

dont avoid going out

There will times when you have to go to your old and usual hangouts or meet common friends. Don’t refrain from doing this. Getting out and living a normal life will help you heal faster.

12) Avoid negativity

avoid negativity

A broken heart needs positivity in the heart, mind and environment. Ensure that you don’t speak badly about your previous relationship or hold grudges in your heart.

13) Understand your own mistakes

Happy Young Woman Thinking And Looking Up

Not every breakup is the other person’s fault. Analyse and understand your flaws. It will only let you flourish going forward.

14) Following a pattern

Amorous couple on romantic date or celebrating together at resta

Most people follow a pattern in choosing a partner. They go for a particular kind of man or woman. If that is your case too, then explore and try going out with someone different. Who knows, it might just work out.

15) Love yourself too

love yurself

Don’t go on a hunger strike and give up good habits because of a broken heart. Good things are meant to last, so you should be your top priority.

16) Know that this is a phase

know that this is a phase

Only time can mend a broken heart and it is important that you realise this.

17) Acceptance and release

Happy woman jumping on beach

This is crucial because as an individual, it will give you space to understand things from a different perspective.

18) Go solo

go solo

If you are still nursing a broken heart, give yourself a break before getting into another relationship. Heal well and then lead.

19) Head to the spa

head to the spa

Relaxed massages can calm your senses and help to regain a positive attitude.

20) Detox


Get fit. Let your energy be consumed by good workouts, the right diet and a healthy lifestyle.

21) Not the end of the world

not end of the world

A failed relationship gives you a lot of time to think. Don’t treat it as a failure. Look at it as an opportunity to redefine yourself.

22) Don’t submit to vices

don't submit to vices

Avoid going on a drinking binge or smoking spree after a breakup. This won’t enhance your life in any way.

23) Need more help, then seek it

Woman with problem on reception for psychologist

If nothing is working out, make sure to get some professional help rather than sink into a depressive mood.

24) Give it time

give it time

You cannot get back in action right away. Healing a broken heart needs time, space and effort. Time is the perfect healer.

25) Travel more

travel more

Indulge in a trip somewhere. Explore new places and yourself when you get there.

26) Spring cleaning

spring cleaning

Throw it all out! Don’t hold on to that special watch or ring. Getting rid of things that remind you of your ex will make you feel much better about yourself. Nothing is worth holding on to.

27) Socialise


Go out and spend time with people who enjoy your company. Hang out, learn and rediscover your charm.

28) Stay friends

stay friends

Try and part on good terms with your ex. The lesser the negativity the easier it is for you to heal your broken heart.

29) Say no to cyber stalking

no cyber stalking

Let the other person simply be. Stop stalking them on social media or in person. It will only make you feel worse.

30) Don’t play the blame game

one couple man and woman Criticism concept

Don’t blame your partner for everything bad that’s happened. Accept that it just wasn’t meant to be. Better things are there in store for you.

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