30 Great Ideas to Impress the Girl of your Dreams

How to impress a girl? Here are some useful tips!

Some people tend to think that impressing the girl of your dreams is rocket science, but going by the advice of the experts that isn’t really true. There are a few very basic and easy to follow rules or techniques or actions or steps that you need to keep in mind if you want to learn how to impress a girl, especially the one who you have been dreaming about.

1. Don’t be yourself, be better

You’ll hear thousands of people churning out the cliché ‘Be yourself’ but you got to turn a deaf ear to all of them. The moment you think you can be yourself, you get too comfortable which never works. We always need a few butterflies in the stomach.

So rather be that person who is more or less you but minus the bad habits. You can wear any random set of clothes, burp, dig your nose when you be yourself, but you need to avoid all of it when you make your first impression on her. Because someone truly said that you never get a second chance to make that first impression. This is rule number one, and it is the biggest mantra on how to impress a girl. If you forget everything that follows, at least remember this. Don’t be yourself. Be a little better.

2. Be presentable

Being presentable doesn’t mean you need to suit up. Just ensure that whatever you wear goes with the occasion and you look neat. Basically, do not be shabby!

3. Be a group mate

Try and get into the group she hangs out with, does a project with, plays tennis with or whatever. You must do that without her knowing that you’re doing that for her. Getting to talk to her becomes a hundred times easier if you are in a group less than ten people.

4. Strike a casual conversation

Ensure that when you talk to her for the first time, it’s about something relative, like the stuff you do in the group or the changing weather.

5. Talk equally to all

I understand that you’re in the group for her but that can’t get obvious. Talk to everybody, especially other girls in an equal manner. That way you don’t come across as a creep.

Not in your group yet? Never mind, all the world is a stage. If you followed the first five points, you are already kinda popular. Folks are talking to you, you are presentable and you’re not being your previous self.

6. Don’t cling onto her

Impress in short spans and withdraw. Be seen but don’t be with her all the time yet.

7. This is an exercise and you must do this

No matter how bad a singer you are, learn how to play ‘When you say nothing at all’ or any other similar song on the guitar. Beg your friend to teach, join classes, do whatever but just do it. It just needs you to learn a couple of chords and be able to strum the guitar.

Takes a month when you’re doing it for someone special. And for everybody wondering how to impress a girl, this is one single song that always works.

The song:

How to play it:

8. Pick a topic

Now I assume you’re talking, as you should be, but you’re still talking casual stuff while in a group. It’s now that you need to start figuring out one or two topics that are close to her but not to the rest.

The topic could be Hardwell or Dogs or Charity or anything. If you listen well, you’ll know.

9. Talk about the topic you picked up from the point above

Don’t showcase your knowledge about the topic, like don’t start naming the 50 breeds of dogs you mugged up because she loves dogs or do not start singing Hardwell songs out of thin air.

Instead, look for the next time she brings that topic up and add in a sensible point.

10. Make that first compliment

Compliment her on something other than her looks. It could be her handwriting, her diction or her accent maybe.

11. Be patient

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that the ten points above hold good even if she has a boyfriend. Trust me. If she has a boyfriend, you must be patient before you go beyond this point. Wait for her to start liking you a little more.

She can’t help but compare you to her boyfriend and if you come across as better, which you will if you have followed the ten points above, the road will open up for you and you’ll hear soon that she is single.

12. Be a little more patient

Be her shoulder. Friendzone yourself before she gets a chance to do it. Remember that girls always want something different from what you’re readily willing to give. So, give friendship and she’ll want love.

13. Ask her out for a meal, preferably breakfast or lunch

Take my word, she’ll say “Yes”. Ensure that it is not romantic. Be how you’ve been all this while. But ensure that you order her favourite food or whatever it is that she wants to have that day.

14. Recap

So, what’s that one song you must learn if you’re wondering how to impress a girl? You’re correct if you said, ‘When you say nothing at all’. Now, it’s your turn to ask her if you can sing that song to her, only to her.

15. Congratulations

She’s yours now, at least for the time being. Celebrate it with your first small gift, maybe a chocolate or something else that’s nice and inexpensive.

16. Be resourceful

By now, she’s thinking of you most of the time though you haven’t even proposed to her. So, she will depend on you for a few things. Don’t begin to think that you’re being used, that spoils everything.

Just remember where all of this started. She still is the girl of your dreams, isn’t she? So, be resourceful and help her with stuff.

17. Eat out at different places

If you live in a small town or outskirts where options are few, try ordering different dishes at least.

18. Help her develop a skill

If she plays chess well and she’s not really giving that skill much time, it’s your chance to step in and ensure that she does. Be the catalyst in helping her realize how exceptional she is.

19. The groups must come back

You start in a group, then isolate for a little while, then come back. Now, you’re hanging out in the group in a different capacity.

20. Plan a trip with the group


You’re resourceful remember? So you got to take the responsibility to make the trip happen. Go to a hill station or to a place where there are beautiful beaches.

21. Ensure that she gets most of your attention

Though you’re the main organizer of this trip, she must get to see one extra place or get to have one extra dish that no one else will. It’s a secret that only the two of you should know.

22. You’ll return as a couple

Your friends would’ve teased you enough or you would’ve realized by now. This is when you plan to propose. You’re no ordinary guy and your proposal must be epic. I remember having done it under water in a water park some ten years ago. She still talks about it.

Now you know how to impress a girl you hold so dear. But how do you keep her impressed and interested?

23. Care

At this point, her outlook towards you will have changed. She may even tend to cling on to you. Don’t get annoyed. Show your care.

Every time you feel something else is more important, remember why you had once read this article. Remember the start of your love story. Always.

24. Listen

She is telling you a lot of things. Pay attention. Listen.

25. Write a poem

You don’t have to be a poet to do this. Take a leaf out of this short film called ‘Too Shy’.
Too Shy (Short Film):

26. Skydive with her

If you can’t afford it, meditate. Basically, try and connect at a spiritual level. Such connections usually stay intact.
What it feels like:

27. Do a little something for a family member of hers

Maybe her brother needs a favour, see what you can do about it, genuinely.

28. Secretly plan on how to make her meet her favourite celeb

You will succeed. Click her picture with the celeb. Even if this doesn’t work out, it will make for a great story to tell. So, do try.

29. Don’t forget yourself in all of this

Make a remarkable achievement in what you’re good at. You’re treating her like a Princess as she deserves to be, but remember that you’re a Prince too. Everybody has that one thing that he or she is best at among the things he/she does. Pick up what that is and do something grand about it.

If you have always been good at swimming, try and win that city championship. If you sketch well, try and get your work on an exhibition or get a celebrity to tweet about it.

30. If these ideas don’t work

Which I bet they will because they always have, there’s one last thing you can still do to impress a girl. Be Batman.

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