25 Politicians Who Never Graduated from College. You Would Have Never Guessed No.7!

Education and success are two relatable yet very different terms. Even if you are not “educated” but have that desire to succeed within you, you are bound to be successful. On the other hand, being successful doesn’t always mean that you are proportionately educated.

The world has been witness to countless personalities who have scripted success in their lives and changed the history of mankind without having a trace of formal education in them. While the list consists of personalities from the fields of business and science to manufacturing and politics, we are narrowing our search down to the world’s political scenario. Here is a list of 25 politicians from around the world who never graduated from college.

1) Winston Churchill


From an aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough, it is surprising to know that Churchill never made it past school! And to think that he went on to become the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom!

2) Gulzar Singh


Representing Punjab as a cabinet minister, Gulzar Singh doesn’t even boast of a graduate degree for all the heavy responsibilities that he has on his plate.

3) Vijayakanth


A face that you might have seen in a lot of yesteryear Tamil movies, Vijayakanth became a politician and even won the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections in 2011. Oh, and he has never been to college.

4) Jayalalithaa


Even being a brilliant student didn’t stop Jayalalitha to pursue her dream of a career in films. She ended her education after her matriculation. She is now the honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

5) Golma Devi


Being Kirori Lal Meena’s wife helped Golma Devi to become an MLA, and on an even brighter side, she is barely literate — never having set foot inside a school in her life!

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  1. You missed one name , Actually that name should have topped this list SONIA GANDHI

  2. Thanks for mentioning K.Kamaraj but his great achievements as chiefminister of tamilnadu are missed out

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