7 Things Modi Sarkar Should Ban Next in India! We Don’t Think Even Modi Will Be Able to Ban No.5!

5. Politicians with Criminal Background


In India it is an open secret that majority of all politicians have criminal background. Even 13 of PM Narendra Modi’s 45 cabinet members face charges including rape and this is only for crimes that are reported. Most politicians claim that most of these staggering charges are “politicized charges” by opponents and get away with it.

If Modi really wants to clean up India, the first place to start should be banning politicians with criminal backgrounds from holding public offices. As you might have guessed, this class is just too powerful in India so this ban might never ever happen.

6. Shady God-Men & NGOs


There are too many self-proclaimed “God-Men” in India and NGOs operating to support these people who actually do more harm than good to the society. Even though the government has started cracking down on these shady NGOs, we think they should be banned completely until a proper framework for their functioning is defined.

7. Vegetable/Food Hoarders & Adulterators


Food prices in India are low, but because of low per capita income, millions of people in India go hungry every day. UPA rule was a great time for scams and vegetable and food hoarders made lot of money by creating artificial price rise. They would procure food from farmers at dirt cheap rates and through their connections raise the price to unprecedented levels to cash in. There have been steps taken to control this mafia, but there should be a ban on food hoarders to bring prices of essential food down so that everyone in the country can afford proper meals. Also, every food item in India is adulterated as there are no strong quality checks allowing adulterators to poison an entire population at their will.

How many of these do you agree with? Have some of your own? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Encroachments on public land by street vendors. They are a real problem.

  2. Following thing can also be not done by any government-
    Currency Notes banning is
    Good work or not time will tell. But this is requested to government , ..,sir , Bring all political parties under RTI act. Can this goverment dare to do this work. If political hierarchy of our country become honest, no need of banning currency….it would be good for our country safety. Ironically no politician like to speak on this important issue. So that people can also know who are funding the big rallies of every political parties and its source…. Apart from this , black money of political parties can be extracted .
    Jai hInd

  3. The Indian law systems is the first priority. Who (The government) are in power are misuseing the system.So no government wants transparency in judicial system………

  4. Similarly the raising price. Currently MRP is not fixed on actual cost + profit. It is more 250 to 300% of the cost. That’s why in some of the trades – Building Materials, Garments, Interior Decoration etc. etc. etc…. there has been huge discount being given by the manufacturer to whole sale dealer and the the second line dealers etc. on the MPR

  5. Each and every person should be paying taxes, no exemptions…. Only thereafter, all these extra taxes would come down. We don’t want any subsidy on which thereafter the government is going to charge taxes. Remove subsidy and remove taxes as well…..

  6. Cigrates should be banned too….
    There is no positive aspect to run the selling of the same….

  7. Instead of cast based reservation there should be financial status based reservation.cast/religion based reservation should be stopped.

  8. Kindly bring Uniform civil code in the country.
    It should be applicable to every state of India

  9. Hindu dharam mein sabse buri cheeze càstism hai usko khatam karo Mrs. PM

  10. Jyada political rahta Na failao…. ye ban wo ban… falaana … dikhana ….ban to iss list ke alawa bahut kuchh hona chahiye….1ya/2 se jyada bachhe paida karna ban… caste system ban..tab casteism n reservation ban… laal pili batti wali gaadi ban… USS batti wali gaadi ka against the rule parking ban… court me national anthem tunning order ka denial ban…. Jo national anthem tuning ke against hai.. uska political , judicial, social life ban… etc etc…. aur kitna ban chahte ho..

  11. This government came to power assuring that they will bring back the black money from outside the country within 100 days! How much money has come back to India since taking over the power? How much money have been waived from known defaulters? This information is still not abailable in public domain!

  12. Excuse me, if any one of the intelligent lot can tell me, how would casteism be banned, without banning reservation for some castes. That is the route cause of discrimination based on caste divide in modern India.

  13. Narendra modi you may think you are very great by banning on 500 and 1000 Rs notes in the name of curving out black money but you don’t know how much problem common people are facing..Ya there is no long queue nowadays and we can take out money from ATM easily with out much waiting and yet the money comming out is solid 2000rs note which is very difficult to find change and most shopkeepers and other people don’t take it as they are not sure if it’s real or fake…first try to clean up all the dirty politicians misusing power and corrupting, only then a society free from all will be achieved

  14. 1. AGREE.

    Illegal construction is a chattering Indian phenomena. Municipalities and local government agents don’t always work for Modi sarkar and sometimes are anti-Modi supporters who harm the environment by cutting down trees and cut down on space by building illegal construction. By destroying the natural beauty, anti-Modis artificially please some Indians who help them with some votes in their favour during the election.

    A duty implies on Modi ji to squeeze the municipalities supported builders and local government agents in their work of doing awfully illegal stuffs.

    2. DISAGREE.

    If economy is unable to manage the expenses of a country, its wellbeing; the country would crumple down and then the country citizens.

    Not every income is a taxable income and one individual is not equal to another one. If you are able to prove your worth and side by side show signs of honesty, you should pay tax in your country’s favour.

    3. DISAGREE.

    Why validate tax for specifically 15 years? Instead mandate tax for driving cars or else force to handover the car to the government. Yearly, quaterly or even less. The less, the better for all classes in respect to clearance of tax.

    4. DISAGREE.

    This favourable matter was introduced to the constitution of India also to justify the injustice caused to the backward classes and the high discrepancy which was against them. If a day comes when it can be said that the injustice and discrepancy have abolished completely through surveys, the quota reservations can be taken off; a portion of the picture of a partiality free society.

    It should be continued till then.


    India should be an open teritory where rules, law and regulations won’t spare anyone irrespective of the “political background” whoever it is belongs from.

    A crime is a crime. An offence is an offence. Whether it is small or big, tiny or gigantic. If someone shows signs of worthlessness, don’t be afraid to be rutheless.

    6. DISAGREE.

    If some are self proclaimed “God-Men”, there are known “Good-Men” for their structural good work. If shady sides don’t fade off, productive paddy fields can be grown to give them a strong answer. The shady NGOs are to be banned, not the shed providers who do good and no or less harm.

    7. SEMI-AGREE.

    No matter how much you fight corruption, you can control it but can’t totally demolish it.

    If banning food hoarders, price of essential food items can be brought down but foods can still be procured; ban them. If you are knowledgeable enough, you know what harm adulterated foods can cause to you. Be selective in what you consume keeping your benefit and loss both in mind. Narendra Modi ji hasn’t forced you to intake any kind of adulterated food!

  15. BJP: you got the over-whelming public mandate…and, a tough no-nonsense leader.Start to rid us of these ills (including medicine-adulteration & SALARY-CUTS for MPs on Days Parliament proceedings are deliberately obstructed & no-business conducted). You can.Ignore the self-serving opposition ‘netas’ as the public knows what Modi does,will be in the National interests!

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