5 Reasons Why V.K Sasikala Shouldn’t Become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Do You Agree?

As the fight between Sasikala and O Paneerselvam turns into a real slugfest, the ruling AIDMK party seems to be in complete chaos. V.K Sasikala once Jayalalithaa’s close aide on Friday expelled presidium chairman E Madhusudanan after he announced to the media that he had sent a request to Election Commission to declare the election of Sasikala as party’s general secretary void.

There is a section of people who seem to support OPS’s bold stand against Sasikala and demand that he continue as the Chief Minister till the next elections. That being said, the question remains, will Sasikala be able to replace the late Jayalalithaa in terms of governance and administration?

Here are 5 reasons why Sasikala shouldn’t become the Chief Minister of the state—at least for now.

1. The People Do Not Want It

Even though Sasikala was close with Jayalalithaa for many years, she lacks the mass appeal that Amma had. Go through any comments section of any newspaper or forum, you’ll find that majority of people do not want Sasikala as the Chief Minister. That being said, there has not been any wide scale protest like we witnessed when Jallikattu became a state-wise movement. If people really do not want such a Chief Minister, may be Tamilians should organize their protest like they did with the Jallikkattu issue.

2. Tainted by Corruption

There is a 20-year-old disproportionate assets case against Jayalalithaa & VK Sasikala for amassing wealth of about Rs.66 Crore during the time AIDMK was in power between 1991 and 1996. Although Jayalalithaa has passed on, the case is still in courts and Sasikala is already tainted by corruption. Then again, most politicians in India have this badge! Will we ever have politicians with a clean record? Maybe not!

3. Mystery Surrounding Jayalalithaa’s Death

Jayalalithaa’s health deteriorated rather rapidly and the whole incident was kept in utmost secrecy for some reason. Many people believe that there was something fishy about Jayalalithaa’s hospitalization and some even believe Sasikala is somehow connected with it. With strong resentment over this issue, may be Saiskala should not take over as the Chief Minister of the state at this time.

4. No Political Strategy

Sasikala does not seem to have a political strategy when it comes to taking over from where Jayalalithaa left the AIDMK. Even now during her short duration heading the party, she hasn’t been able to win the confidence of senior members or even the public for that matter.

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