Video : Tiger Saves Man From Being Attacked By A Leopard In Mexico Zoo

The leopard looked to have been ready to pounce on Mexico zookeeper in the enclosure

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Zoo in Mexico City is unique in the sense that it houses a few breeds of wild cats in the enclosure. It is not uncommon to see black jaguars, white lions, tigers and other apex predators sharing the same enclosure.

So, when one of the zookeepers Eduardo was playing with one of the many white lions, a leopard named Dharma decided to surprise the zookeeper from behind, while the zookeeper was blissfully unaware. Though it can be said that it was just the leopard being playful, the visual of a leopard running in for a final leap is enough to assume the worst for the zookeeper.

However, the effort of the leopard was thwarted by a very unlikely source within the enclosure itself, a Royal Bengal Tiger named Aztlan. Watch the amazing video below:

The leopard can be seen lurking in the back of Eduardo and looking for an opportune moment, makes a dash towards him but is knocked off by the tiger who gets a wind of the sneaky intentions of the leopard. The persistent Dharma though manages to find his way, albeit diminished, to Eduardo and lays a paw on him which is slapped off.

If this video is any proof, the tiger sure is the CAT among all cats!

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