Rs.2000 Currency Notes Recovered from Slain Terrorists in Bandipora!

The new Rs.2000 notes have been in circulation for less than a fortnight, but it seems they have already found their way into hands of terrorists. As per ANI reports, the Army has recovered brand new denomination notes from two terrorists who were killed in Bandipora. After terrorists were holed up, heavy gun battle ensued and they were later killed in the encounter which lasted hours.

One of the chief aims of Prime Minister Modi’s demonetization drive was to put an end to the supply of money (black and counterfeit) from across the border into the hands of terrorists. It is believed that now the Opposition that has been demanding a rollback of demonetization will up their ante with this latest incident.


Also, it is reported that a Pakistani intruder was killed along the International Border in RS Pura sector of Jammu district. As per reports the intruder was asked to stop by the BSF, but when he did not pay heed, had to be shot. There have been over 290 ceasefire violations from Pakistan ever since the Indian Army conducted surgical strikes across the border to eliminate terror camps.

The possession of new Rs.2000 denomination notes with terrorists is a disturbing sign and the government will have to track down how they were able to access new currency when majority of the general public are still standing in queues at the bank.

As reported by ANI


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