5 Hollywood horror films you haven’t heard of

There are many types of horror movies. The ones that we are usually used to nowadays are found footage horror and exorcism (I’m looking at you Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring). With many indie concepts turning mainstream, here are a few horror movies that bring something different to the table.

There are a lot of movies by Independent producers who do not get much of the mainstream limelight. These movies are regarded as some of the hidden gems of horror, based on its fanbase on the internet.

Here are a few movies that intend to scare while piquing your interest.


Unfriended, a horror movie unlike any other. For best viewing experience, it is suggested to watch this movie either on your desktop or laptop. Find that strange? It’s because the whole movie takes place on the desktop of one of the protagonists.

The movie is set upon five friends who simultaneously go on an online video chat, where a mysterious and vengeful entity from their past comes online to cyber haunt them. Nothing like a ghost trying to kill your online life while it takes your real life.

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS I & II (2011, 2012)

This Independent horror movie by the Vicious brothers was so good that it managed to spawn a sequel. A concoction of found footage and asylum horror, Grave Encounters sees a television crew who fake documentaries of the supernatural in different places. They found what they were looking for when they decided to shoot in the infamous Collinwood Mental Hospital.

The scares in this movie have been regarded to surpass levels of the original Paranormal Activity, a feat that only a few horror movies can claim. The sequel follows up with events of the original, this time with a blend of traditional movie filming styles. This duology follows the same vein of storytelling as the original found footage horror ‘The Blair Witch Project”.

REC (2007)

Another found footage horror movie with the addition of a Zombie apocalypse to give you the extra scare. Rec spawned a lot of unrelated sequels but the original is the one to watch. The movie is in Spanish but can be viewed with English subtitles.

If you aren’t a fan of watching a horror film in a foreign language, fear not because Rec was so good a movie that a watered down English remake called ‘Quarantine’ is your alternative.


A documentary-styled found footage horror. The Tunnel was made free to the public upon release. It intended to be the most viral horror movie of the year by being published freely on torrent sites all over the world.

The story follows a group of journalists who investigate the shutdown train tunnels of Sydney, thinking it to be a cover up. What they find out instead was something much more sinister than they expected.

Summer is usually chock full of movie blockbusters featuring superheroes and action heroes and the like. But one horror flick is still on everyone’s mind and calendar, Conjuring 2. Until the movie arrives this June, get your horror fix with these movies until then.

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  1. Thanks for the list but, Unfriended is bullshit..
    Grave encounters 1 is creepy but 2nd isn’t..
    Going to watch tunnel.

    Thanks again…

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