25 Pictures of Dilip Chhabria (DC) Modified Car Designs that’ll Leave You in Awe

Here is the best collection of DC Modified Car Images on the Internet

DC Modified Cars

Dilip Chhabria (DC) is one of India’s leading car designers who makes custom made and modified car designs that have made a mark in the industry. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement on the road, here’s a look at some ideas. Auto enthusiasts flock to Auto Expo shows to see these amazing concepts put to life on a real model.

This is a list of the top 25 DC modified cars.

  • The London Taxi – a stylish, new design for those who love retro

DC Modified Cars
london taxi

This makes for a fashionable yet retro statement. The stylish new look makes it much desired, especially by those who want elegance and old charm.


  • DC Avanti – India’s first sports car


Touted as one of the best supercars in the world, this sports car is engineered for Indian ground realities. It’s perfect for young speed lovers who can comfortable hit 200 km/hr.


  • Salman Khan’s Mobile Studio Design – a vanity coach that’s ultra-luxurious

Salman Khan mobile studio

This vanity coach is more than a second home. The vehicle has as hydraulic system to make it smaller when its wheels are in motion and expands to full length when parked.


  • The VIP Amby – the savvy politician’s ride and pride to travel in style

VIP amby

It features a privacy partition via a curtain to separate the passenger from the driver. The inside feels cosy and comfortable as you recline into the seat. The interior is finished with fake wood and the air conditioning unit is mounted on the roof. There are individual LCD screens for 2 people and food trays to aid with snacks.


  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe – adding more glamour to this snazzy ride

Porsche Cayanne Turbo Coupe

With this design, DC rebodied the Porsche to two doors and added embellishments to the lighting on the front and rear ends. The grills and bumpers were changed and the interiors fitted with leather, wood and machined aluminium inserts. Very unusual.


  • DC Urban Thar – macho for those who love the wind in your hair

Thar Urban Mod

This DC modified car makes this ride an urban convertible off roader. The exterior looks very macho with accentuated chrome fittings. There’s waterproof seating as the design is open to air on top. This off roader now has city appeal. You can get this custom made in any colour.

  • The Fortuner – luxury on wheels

The Fortuner

Sitting in this vehicle gives the feel of luxury. 2 massive chairs occupy the space of the second and third row adding to the illusion of space. The seats recline to 150 degrees with the touch of a power button.


  • DC Gaia – hard to imagine this redesign was done in 2003!


Everything about this model speaks of elegance, luxury and power. It is a complete city vehicle exhibiting a long hood with the front dipped like a pickup truck. The added twin exhaust enhances the overall appeal.


  • DC Polo – a sharp look

Polo midnight

A revamped hood and raised bumper add a new mood to the already cool look of the car. Outfitted with a new set of wheels that have a sturdier look, the chic factor is taken up a notch with its overhauled grill.


  • Suzuki R3 – changing an everyday car into a dream

Suzuki R3

This car was concept design for the Auto Expo 2010, which is now sold as the Ertiga.


  • Ambierod – faithful, good old Amby will always have a place in India


The ambassador gets a retro-futuristic new look with this DC modified car. It balances the elements of style, comfort, luxury and technology along with a stunning look. It’s fitted with a sat-nav system, rear display camera and LCD televisions.


  • Aria – transforming interiors to match luxury


Plush interiors take over this vehicle in this design. Modifications transform it into a lounge that makes for comfortable entertainment at the rear end. There is a partition between the driver and the rear lounge in the form of a massive screen entertainment system. Savvy indeed!


  • Imperator – redefining SUVs and supercars


Here’s a look and feel that will make you wonder whether you’re looking at an SUV or a supercar. Great performance and ground clearance make this car a wonder indeed. No boxy wheels on this model. This off roader is sensual and curvy.


  • Duster – an entertainment lounge inside


This marvellous interiors concept accommodates 3 seats plus the driver seat. There’s the option of dropping the front passenger seat down to allow the rear seat to recline all the way down. Ambient lighting and powered seats add to the luxury lounge effect.


  • Hummer – you know who’s boss


This vehicle screams – get out of my way or… The transformation to this beast that dominates the roads is unbelievable. The interiors make it truly luxurious while maintaining its influence and reliability.


  • Mercedes 1956 SLR Replica 722 – the dream machine


This is a must-not-miss DC modified car design. The look is altered to make it even more unique, while retaining its cool charm.


  • DC Elantra – fluidic and fierce


Clever customisations take this modified car to a whole new level. An overwhelming effect of red takes over the interiors. The exterior has wide red tripping along the sides. The bumper is gives the car a racy look.


  • Sunny – fit for an emperor


Black. Red. Wood trims. Chrome. There’s a lot to take in with this lounge modification. There’s good use of the rear space to make it more spacious. Comfort and luxury are packed into this piece of art.


  • Ecosport – Sportier than ever


Updates are made to the interior and exterior to make it more trendy and sporty. This compact SUV now has the element of style added in. Nothing more needed to stand out in a crowd.


  • Evalia – jaw dropping custom interiors


4 seats facing each other make this customisation worth it. 4 large captain chairs add to the comfort element. The exterior change is nothing but a full black grille.


  • Swift – swanky interiors and facial treatments make a reincarnation


The makeover this time is truly astonishing. The ambience inside is turned around. The new bumpers on the front and rear ends make it look classier. The hood design sets it apart.


  • Winger – a palace on wheels


DC custom fits this car into everything you would want. Durable, complex panelling makes the interiors easy to maintain. Well-lit interiors and partitioning will give anyone a great ride in a calm setting.


  • DC Beat – style personified on a hatchback


Hatchback lovers will be blown away with DC’s signature touch on this model. Interior décor gets revamped with urbane features: creative dashboard, gear knob and steering wheel. Reframed rear lights and a reworked grille complete the stylish look.


  • Ying Yang – the perfect weekend getaway

Ying Yang

This iconic van gets a makeover. It falls in the category of an MPV. Lounge style sofas can accommodate 8 adults comfortably inside.


  • Infidel – making a dominating entry


Everything is extreme on this model: concept, design, performance. Massive alloy wheels on low riding tyres make this a mean machine.

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