25 Really Good Indian Beer Brands You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Which is the best beer in India? You decide!

How can anyone resist the crisp sparkling amber drink of the gods? Beer is the perfect beverage for a hot summer day or an evening out with friends and family. It is the most widely consumed and probably one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world.

India has a very large beer market since a majority of the populace prefers beer over hard liquor. There are quite a large number of breweries in India that manufacture beer in-house and distribute them locally. Here is a collection of 25 best beer brands in India that you must definitely try.

1) Bell Bird

Bell Bird

Manufactured by Blossom Industries Limited in Daman & Diu, Bell Bird is brewed using the finest variety of European malt and hops.

2) Belo Beer

Belo Beer

The refreshing Belo beer is a local favourite in Goa and is best sipped while lazing on sandy beaches. This pale and light drink is brewed by a small-scale family brewery called Impala Distillery & Brewery.

3) Bira 91

Bira 91

Bira 91 is a Delhi-based brand that brews the beer in Belgium and imports it to India. Though the beer has a slightly higher price compared to other Indian brands, it is a step up from commercial lagers.

4) Bullet


Bullet Super Strong is brewed by the UB Group in Bangalore. It is slightly sweetish with a flavour of caramel malt and grain.

5) Cannon 10000

 Cannon 10000

A strong beer brewed by Arlem in Goa. This pale yellow coloured beverage is ideal if you are looking to get a heavy alcoholic kick.

6) Charger


Gurgaon’s strong brew, Charger, has a citrus aroma and a lemony aftertaste. Perfect for an afternoon binge.

7) Cobra


This Indian beer brand has its manufacturing unit in the UK, China and Patna. The international brewing standards give Cobra a distinctive character and smoothness.

8) Dansberg


Brewed by Yuksom Breweries in Sikkim, Dansberg beer has a light fruity flavour and aroma of lemon, pineapple and banana. Unlike other brands, Dansberg is brewed without glycerine.

9) Flying Horse

Flying Horse

Another brew from the house of UB Group. The slightly sweetish Flying Horse has a clear golden colour and an earthy, grainy aroma.

10) Gateway India Pale Ale

Gateway India Pale Ale

This beer is one of the top-rated brews in the country. Gateway India Pale Ale has a mild aroma of sweet tropical fruits and a nutty citrusy taste.

11) Godfather


Godfather beer has a light malty aroma and the taste is mildly sweet accompanied by a subtle smoky flavour. It is brewed by Devans Modern Breweries in Jammu.

12) Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Brewed by Mohan Meakin Breweries in Ghaziabad, Golden Eagle has a fine hop aroma. It is a malty lager with a good aftertaste.

According to Washington magazine, Golden Eagle Beer is one of the 7 best beers in the world.

13) Hercules


Hercules Extra Premium Beer is an authentic Indian brew brought to you from the house of Khodays. This beverage has a tangy apple flavour and has a malt, grain aroma.

14) Hit


Hit is one of the strongest beers manufactured in India by Yuksom Breweries. Just like the name, this beer will hit you. The taste is smooth and not overly carbonated; the aroma is grainy.

15) Indus Pride

Indus Pride

It is exclusively for the Indian palate. This wonderful beer is brewed with spices and hops to give it a distinctive Indian flavour.

16) Jaipur Lager

Jaipur Lager

Jaipur Lager is brewed by Kool Breweries. It is a strong beer that balances the flavour of spices and malt.

Jaipur Lager is known for its remarkably creamy texture and lingering hoppy finish.

17) Kalyani Black Label

Kalyani Black Label

A smooth, mellowed brew with an overall sweet taste and grainy aroma that truly captures the essence of India.

18) Khajuraho


Khajuraho is brewed by Lilasons Breweries in Aurangabad. With alcohol strength exceeding 8.75%, this beer is sure to give you that much-needed buzz.

19) King’s


Anyone and everyone who has been to Goa knows about King’s beer. This beer comes in a stout bottle and the buzz can hit you pretty fast.

20) Maharaja


The sweet apple aroma with a hint of grassiness and a sweet and fruity taste makes Maharaja quite distinct. Best served chilled with chicken tikka masala.

21) Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a golden beer with a thin beige head. It has a sweet malty aroma and a taste of caramel; the aftertaste is mildly bitter.

22) Old Monk 10000

Old Monk 10000

You read that right. Old Monk is now a beer. The taste is light, crisp, malty and spiced. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste anything like rum.

23) Sand Piper

Sand Piper

Sand Piper beer offers a subtle mango and apricot aroma. It is fresh, light and perfect if you are looking for a great thirst quencher.

24) Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Indian Lager

Taj Mahal is a crisp and pleasant beer with a delicate flavour. It is mild, smooth and has the right amount of carbonation. The Taj goes well with Indian curries.

25) Zingaro


Zingaro is one of the popular premium beers manufactured in India. It is a sweetish brew with a subtle caramel flavour. It’s the perfect alternative to Kingfisher.

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