10 New Year Resolutions You Needn’t Even Bother Making. No Chance in Hell You’ll Stick with No.7!

So another New Year is here. As always, all of my friends are making some amazing resolutions which last until about the morning of the first day of January. These are friends and acquaintances whom I’ve known for several years and I’ve seen them make these resolutions and break them before the blink of an eye.

There is nothing wrong in making New Year resolutions but if you’re gonna break them, why make these resolutions at all? Here are 10 New Year resolutions you needn’t be making in 2017, coz in all probability there is no chance in hell you’re gonna stick with them.

Disclaimer: This is not an article to bring you down, if it hits a nerve, take it in the New Year spirit with two cubes of ice 🙂

1. Diet


Yes, Christmas does help you put on some much needed winter weight, but my friends think its too damn easy to go on a diet and lose it all. Start of a fresh year and gym memberships go over the roof, but in two months, it’ll be back to normal dinner of double cheese pizza, fries and few cold beers.

2. Study/Work


I must admit, even I used to think I would turn an amazing leaf over with the New Year and I would do incredibly well at studies and later at work. Now, I just realize that all the hype around New Year is just a waste of time. If you wanted to do something well, you could have done it any time, just you’re too lazy.

3. Love/ Relationships


I’ve had several friends think their relationship which was going sour would magically be fixed by the New Year. Its fine to try to fix a broken relationship, but if you really think it would be fixed overnight, then you’re probably wrong. If you are in a relationship you hate, just walk away, making a fresh start is better than trying to fix something too broken.

4. Finances


If people’s finances were in order, I think the world would be a much better place–may be not for credit card companies, but still. Personal finances are formed by habits which go way back and it is possible to break them but its hard. If you think you’ll fix your financial issues with this New Year, its probably not gonna happen.

5. Vegetarianism


Vegetarianism is a great way to live. In fact, most people who converted from the meat side vouch that they did it rather quickly. But interestingly, it is one of those resolutions that was most broken by people. If this is one of your New Year resolution, you sure would need a lot of will power to see it through the year.

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