20 Most Ridiculous Hindi Serials Ever Aired on Television. We Bet You Would Have Watched At Least One Episode of No. 3!

We love our dramatic Hindi serials; no doubt, the drama, rich colours and cast add to the masala. However, Indian television has some of the most ridiculous Hindi serials ever aired on television. Sometimes, the content is just plain pathetic. Divorces, godly statuses, repeated gestures… the list goes on. Almost every channel from star plus to cartoon network brings out clichéd melodramas. Does the Indian audience really want to watch this?

Indian serials keep reaching new lows and then go lower and lower. It is unbelievable that these shows are aired every day and that thousands of Indian women, young and old, are glued to their TV sets watching these shows.

There have been a few Hindi serials that are still remembered today but a few others simply deserve to be taken off air.

Listed below are 20 most ridiculous Hindi serials ever aired on television:

1) Saath Nibhana Sathiya

This serial started with a good concept — an uneducated girl marries a wealthy business man. But currently, the show has taken a leap several years into the future (with many leaps before) and we have absolutely no idea what is going on in the serial (not sure if the makers themselves have any idea). Like most Hindi serials, in this one too, everything is absurd about it. For instance, a look alike of an already dead Ahem and the ideal Gopi bahu who finds it more practical to take her unwell mother-in-law, Kokila, to a temple rather than a doctor. We are sure the scriptwriters have totally lost it!

2) Tashan-e-Ishq


Tashan-e-Ishq is a story about two rich khandaans at war with each other — the Tanejas and the Luthras. They don’t seem to have anything else to do other than take pride in their own wealth. The show portrays the corny and clichéd ticks of Punjabi culture like people flaunting their big cars, being loud and gaudy outfits.

3) Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi


This show was more a science fiction than a family drama.

1. The grandmother (baa) lived for 7 generations and outlived many of her grandchildren. We think she genetically modified herself so she could choose the time of her death.

2.  The producers seemed to have used a time machine take 20-year leaps whenever the show becomes mind-numbing and boring (actually, it’s always boring and monotonous). Moreover, they dyed one strand of hair grey to make it look authentic.

3. They randomly replaced characters (actors) and no one seems to mind or notice the change. I think they use a memory refresh device like the one in used in Men in Black.

4. They were also pioneers in the field of medical science especially cosmetic surgery. In this Hindi serial, plastic surgery included a change in height and bone structure. Also, praying was more effective than medicine. We think they developed special telepathic means to cure people.

All in all, it was a masterpiece of science fiction.

4) CID


CID has been aired on television for about 17-18 years. It is about an investigative team with supernatural powers, who definitely are the only humans capable of getting infra-red radiations with swimming goggles, finding the seller of a piece of material just by looking at a thread from it, detecting fingerprints just by looking, and slapping criminals right into the bureau (specials from our brave officer Daya).

The content makes one wonder whether it’s a comedy or…? We are at a loss of words.

5) Sasural Simar Ka

Well, this serial started off with a sensible concept of a girl who wants to continue her passion for dancing even after marriage; of wanting to live her life with freedom, something that she could not do while at her parent’s home.

From a practical storyline to suddenly switching to black magic and being a daayan; the bahu of Bharadwaj’s is doing everything bizarre. Despite having everything absurd, the surprising part is that his serial stands in the top few ranks on the TRP list!

6) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


This show revolves around the life of two wealthy families. They pick on the most trivial issues to make a big deal out of it. They don’t have any real problems; so, they make some up for themselves. Even a child can come up with a better concept!

7) Kumkum Bhagya


This serial kicked off with a decent storyline of a single mother running a marriage hall and her wish for her daughters to get married into a good family. But, sadly, from making bizarre twists and turning the story drastically— bringing the main lead back from the dead — the serial took a different turn! The writers of this brilliant show have made major changes in the way India’s divorce system works. For example, in normal cases, to divorce someone, both people need to sign the papers to end the relationship, but in this show, the male lead, Abhi, won’t divorce his wife Pragya unless he marries her off to Suresh. We are not sure even the scriptwriters have any reasons.

8) Naagin

This serial is a great show for all the snakes! It has everything going for it with two beautiful female protagonists, a handsome hunk an average VFX, except…a good script! Looks like the makers of this show have forgotten that we are in the year 2016; where the world is progressing at rapid speed. And what’s even more surprising is that this show has topped the list with respect to TRP’s?

9) Yeh Hai Mohabbtein


This serial chronicles the life of a couple (Raman-Shagun) who are separated. Their bitterness affects their little daughter (Ruhi) and she finds a mother’s love in her neighbour, Dr. Ishita. The touching story of a mother-daughter relationship was portrayed so well in the beginning of the show but like other serials, this one too lost its plot. For instance, in one episode, when Ruhi was forced to wear a live bomb by her captors, Ishita defused the bomb with her bare hands! Of course, we all know that onscreen bahus are TVs Rajnikanth! But defusing a live bomb with bare hands in the presence of the police? Seriously? We sure need a break from this one!

10) Jodha Akbar


This Ekta Kapoor serial makes a mockery of 16th-century Mughal history and the tale of Jodha-Akbar. A few instances of utter foolishness: A bad ghost wants to marry Akbar, so she tortures Jodha while she’s invisible. A snake enters Akbar’s palace and her only food is snake’s poison. The show was largely criticized by people from the Rajput community as misleading and we are so glad that it went off the air.

11) Third eye of Nirmal Baba

This show is not just plain stupid but totally mindless and ridiculous too! It beats a lot of other programs to being completely unwanted on television! There was a rumour that he once advised a man/woman that eating samosa with green chutney could solve all his/her life problems. For those of you who are not familiar with this serial, Nirmal Baba is a self-styled godman known to advise and help people solve their problems. Like seriously?

We simply can’t understand how people in this century prepared to throw a percentage of their salaries on this man!

12) Qubool Hai


We would never have thought that this love story would actually introduce a witch to increase their TRP. It started as a serial ready to crush the stereotypes related to Muslim women but slowly turned into something so dreadful that it lost its intriguing plot.

The serial showcases things that bear no relation to real life. The main actors have been killed and one of them is getting re-born. You have to be absolutely jobless to watch this show!

13) Balika Vadhu


This serial was well thought of initially. It dealt with the rights of children, highlighted the issues of child marriage and the problems children face due to such practices. But now, it has been running for so many years and has joined the stream of other ridiculous Hindi serials.

14) Diya Aur Baati Hum


The serial started off with a decent concept of a “Halwai” husband who supports his wife’s career but unfortunately, it began to drag out, losing its plot, message and charm. Sadly, it has now joined the list of other bizarre TV shows.

15) Aap Beeti

This was supposed to be a horror show that recounted the tale of spirits who came back to seek vengeance. We wonder how the makers of this show called it a horror show when it was far from scary. It only showcased women in white attire yearning to seek revenge.

16) Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah


We can’t understand why this serial on SAB is so popular? Looks like the viewers seem to be suffering from some kind of disorder. There is absolutely no content, just annoying voices, pointless sound effects and make-up that will make you flinch, giving you an agonizing headache in only thirty minutes.

17)  Doli Armaano Ki


In this serial, women simply seem to take tolerance to another level. Although the female protagonist faces domestic violence at the hands of her husband, she only retaliates when she finds out about her husband’s extra-marital affair.

18) Ek Hasina Thi


The main plot of this show depicts the female lead taking vengeance on her sister’s rapist. She unassumingly takes the law into her own hands and we have no idea what the moral of the story is.

19) Uttaran


This has to be one of the worst serials ever to be telecast. There is no proper concept and meaning to this program. Not only does this serial not relate to real life but it is the plot that is totally senseless and mindless. The women’s makeup and dressing is ridiculous.

20) Splitsvilla


A nasty and demeaning TV show that attempts to entertain us with shameful feats by making participants take on lame tasks and fake relationships. Its not a traditional TV serial per se, but still annoying enough!

Did we miss out on any? Let us know in the comments section!

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