20 Epic Finishing Moves Used by Legendary Wrestlers. Which Was Your Favourite?

WWE wrestling always had a huge fan following owing to some phenomenal athletes who ruled the ring through the years. From Hulk Hogan to the Undertaker, every single one of them had epic finishing moves that they used to win against their opponents. These moves were so legendary, the audience immediately knew the outcome of the match when they saw it coming.

Here were present 20 epic wrestling finishing moves that were used by legendary wrestlers!

1. Chokeslam


Used by the biggies of WWE, Chokeslam was a move where the opponent was grabbed by the neck taken into air and slammed to the floor. Used to great effect by huge wrestlers like the Undertaker, Kane and Big Show, this was one hell of a finishing move.

Watch Undertaker’s most devastating Chokeslams here:

2. People’s Elbow/ Rock Bottom


People’s champion the Rock was a huge WWE star before he made it big in Hollywood. One of his signature moves was the Rock Bottom which was usually followed by the People’s Elbow. Flashy, arrogant and effective, this move signified “The Rock”.


Watch 28 Rock Bottoms that’ll electrify you:

Watch People’s Elbow right here:

3. RKO


One of the newer generation stars in WWE, Randy Orton was the youngest two-time WWE champion. Like all popular wrestlers, Randy Orton has a signature move called RKO which was deadly effective against his opponents.

Watch top ten RKOs here:

4. DDT


Although DDT was not a signature move of any particular wrestler, it was equally popular used by the likes of Randy Orton, Dudley Boyz, Edge and many others. The move involved holding the opponents head in a preset move and slamming them to the ground head-first. Ouch!

Watch Top 10 DDTs in WWE here:

5. Tombstone


A move made legendary by the Undertaker and later Kane, Tombstone Piledriver or just called Tombstone was considered the best move to finish off a wrestling match. Undertaker and Kane pulled off the move in style to win many matches.

Watch Best Tombstones of WWE in this video:

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