Incredible Hack to Get Coldplay India Tour Tickets for Rs. 1500

It’s an open secret that Coldplay India tour tickets are selling at some ridiculous prices, some even going for Rs.25,000! So what’s with all the fuss around this Global Citizen Festival India 2016 and how can an average Coldplay fan get these tickets? We’ll tell you a last minute hack to get the tickets for Rs.1500 but before that you should know how you can earn these tickets!

Note: If you already know how to earn these tickets, skip down to “Easy Way to Get Coldplay India Tour Tickets” section!

GCI India


The Hard Way:

Every week Global Citizen Festival India 2016 is giving away free tickets for registrants who are completing a set of tasks. On completion of these tasks, you are rewarded points and once you earn 30 points in the Action Journey, you are eligible for a sweepstake which can get you two tickets. Here is the list of tasks that can get you points.

  1. Tweeting about National Causes – 2 points
  2. Appeal to banks to commit funds for Sanitation – 2 points
  3. Tweet #HelpAChildReach5, take the quiz. 4 points
  4. Why does Clean India matter? Find out more #DomexIndia – 4 points
  5. Take a quiz to learn more about India’s Swachh Bharat Mission – 4 points
  6. Petition for Don’t tax my period – 2 points
  7. Tweet #DoYourShare for the environment – 3 points
  8. Support the anti-open defecation movement – 2 points
  9. Tweet your support for cleaning up Indian Railways – 2 points
  10. Advocate for the implementation of MHM in schools – 2 points
  11. Advocate for India’s inclusion in APEC so it can take its rightful place in the global economy – 2 points
  12. Support education for children – 2 points
  13. Petition for unique education – 3 points
  14. Stop child marriage – 2 points

For more information, you can click here

Now the easy way:

  1. Visit Alboe
  2. Shop for INR 1500
  3. Like Alboe official Facebook Page & Share it


That’s it! Now you are eligible to win a couple pass to Global Citizens India where Coldplay is performing!

For more details on the offer, click here!

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