30 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know about Coldplay

The internationally famous British pop rock band Coldplay has given us a string of major hits over the years, boasting of names such as “Yellow”, “The Scientist” and “Clocks”. Coldplay has earned a reputation for creating the biggest sing-along atmospheres in the stadiums that they perform in. Starting with “Parachutes”, Coldplay has come a long way indeed. Digging through these house-full concerts and millions of fans, we bring to you some of the lesser known facts about the great band that Coldplay is.

1) Coldplay was originally named “Starfish”


Coldplay was started by Jonny and Chris in 1996 and was originally named “Starfish”.

2) The strange history of “Yellow”

Coldplay’s smash hit “Yellow” (2000) has a weird history to it. While Chris was trying hard to name the song, his glance settled on a Yellow Pages book. The rest, as they say, is history.

3) Chris travelled by tube without anyone recognising him


Once, Coldplay was to perform at the London O2. Chris travelled there by tube, and surprisingly, no one was able to recognise him although there were many Coldplay fans surrounding him!

4) Coldplay splashed money on their fans at the Mylo Xyloto tour


During their 2001 Mylo Xyloto tour, Coldplay reportedly spent a whopping $4.22 million on wristbands that changed colour with the music! They gave these high-tech wristbands out to fans at the concert.

5) Chris sang “The Scientist” backwards!

For the music video of “The Scientist”, Chris Martin was taught phonetic movements to make it seem like he was singing the song correctly. In reality, though, he had to sing it backwards!

6) Coldplay did not want to any more collaborations after Rihanna


Chris Martin had made it quite clear that Coldplay won’t collaborate with any other artist ever again after their duet with Rihanna on the Princess of China. But that obviously changed!

7) Coldplay’s music isn’t available for endorsements


Coldplay has strictly prohibited advertisements to use their music, with big brands like Gap and Diet Coke being on their rejection list!

8) The memorable Ellen DeGeneres show of 2011


Jonny and Chris gave the head of the elephant suit, which they used in the video of “Paradise”, to Ellen DeGeneres while on her talk show in 2011.

9) Chris Martin- the farm man!


Coldplay’s Chris Martin can speak “Devonian”, which he claims to be a farm language!

10) Coldplay’s charity amounts are mind-blowing


Coldplay raised £251,482 for children’s charity by auctioning some of their memorabilia at the end of 2009. During the auction, Jonny’s Viva Thinline ’72 Tele Guitar was sold for a whopping £15,000.

11) Jonny loves football more than his band!


Jonny Buckland once said that he could step out of the band if he got the chance to play in his favourite football team!

12) Barack Obama – a Coldplay fan


Barack Obama has his name among the millions of fans of Coldplay across the globe. He reportedly keeps listens to their songs on his iPod!

13) Coldplay bagged an award at the Q awards


Coldplay won the Best Act in the World award at the 2005 Q awards.

14) The Carling Tour was sponsored by NME Magazine


The NME magazine sponsored Coldplay’s first ever tour – The Carling Tour.

15) The two music videos of “Viva la Vida”

Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” has two official music videos to its name.

16) “Shaun of the Dead” had a touch of Coldplay in it


In the film Shaun of the Dead, both Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland made cameo appearances. Chris also has his name on the soundtrack of the film with the Buzzocks song “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays”.

17) Chris Martin is a great musician but a really bad cook!


Chris Martin is one of the worst cooks in the world according to his wife Gwyneth Paltrow. “He cooked twice and both times the fire brigade came” was what Gwyneth had to tell Graham Norton!

18) Democratic in its true sense


Coldplay has set its standard in working in a democratic way, with all its profits and proceeds being divided between all the members equally.

19) Coldplay has been one of the most awarded bands


Coldplay’s award cabinet is quite full with eight Brit awards, 5 NME awards and 7 Grammy awards.

20) Odd number blues


The band has a habit of getting nervous about coming up with odd-numbered albums. The success of their fifth album Mylo Xyloto proved them wrong.

21) DJ-ing with a skeleton mask!


Along with Win Butler, Chris Martin once DJ-ed at an Arcade Fire Show in London. He wore a skeleton mask to keep his identity a secret so that the audience would focus on the Arcade Fire instead of him.

22) Coldplay once faced legal trouble


Joe Satriani once filed a lawsuit against Coldplay alleging that some segments of their hit song “Viva la Vida” had been copied from his song “If I could fly”. The matter was settled outside the court, with an emotional Chris stating that he doesn’t steal music from others.

23) Chris has a degree from the University College London


Apart from being a great musician, Coldplay’s Chris Martin also has an Ancient World Studies degree to his name from the University College London.

24) Chris was arrested for attacking the paparazzi


Chris Martin has a reputation for hitting the paparazzi. He once got arrested in 2003 when he smashed the windscreen of a paparazzi car in Australia and flattened the tyres! A similar incident happened in 2008 too when he lashed out at them.

25) “Parachutes” won the Best Alternative Music Album award

The 2002 Grammy Awards saw Coldplay’s first ever full-length album “Parachutes” win the “Best Alternative Music Album” award.

26) Only 500 copies of “Safety” exist!


Coldplay’s 1998 EP release “Safety” has only 500 (official) copies till date.

27) Mylo Xyloto has sold a record number of digital copies


The album “Mylo Xyloto” holds the record for the most digital copies sold. In 2011 a whopping 21.3 million digital copies were sold, setting a new record.

28) “Violet Hill” was downloaded 2 million times in a week

Coldplay’s hit song “Violet Hill” was once given away for free for a week. It was downloaded around 2 million times in the same time period!

29) Madame Tussaud’s calling


Chris Martin had reportedly admitted that his favourite thing about being a member of Coldplay was waiting to receive a call from Madame Tussaud’s!

30) HQ in a bakery!


Coldplay’s HQ was initially a bakery, which they had bought in North London!

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