25 Cooking Blunders You’ve Been Making All This While Without Realizing

16) Properly beat the egg whites for baking


Egg whites that are beaten in a hurry can make your cake have a flat layer. Make sure your egg whites are properly beaten by carefully separating them from the yolk and then beating them until you get a consistent, creamy and glossy mix.

17)  Don’t overwork lower-fat dough


If your recipe doesn’t ask for too much butter, it’s best to use a light hand while kneading the dough. Over-kneading the dough in such scenarios will result in baked items being tough and flavourless. Use a light hand or pat out the dough evenly before adding the flour for best results.

18) Make sure to shock vegetables when they reach the desired texture


It is imperative to shock (add hot vegetables in cold water) to make sure they maintain their crispiness and texture. Leaving your vegetables out after boiling may result in them getting soggy and turning to mush.

19) Give your meat time to defrost properly


When in a hurry, we’ve all taken the meat straight from the freezer and added it to boiling water.  This results in your meat cooking unevenly, with the outside being overdone and the inside undercooked. Let your meat rest at room temperature for 15 – 30 minutes and then start cooking for best results.

20) Adding ingredients too early


Certain ingredients tend to cook quicker than others. Add them too early and they burn to crisp, add them too late and they don’t cook evenly. It’s always good to know what items are susceptible to burning and when you should add them to the pan.

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