25 Cooking Blunders You’ve Been Making All This While Without Realizing

11) Let the food rest


This is probably one of the hardest lessons to learn for a beginner. We’re all in the habit of constantly checking on the food by tossing and turning it. Although it’s important to keep an eye on your food while cooking, constantly turning it can interfere with the sear and not provide the crusting that gives your dish the appropriate punch.

12) Always heat the pan on low heat before adding the food

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This is one of the most common mistakes a novice chef makes. We normally tend to put in the ingredients soon after we put the pan on the stove without giving the pan enough time to heat. This results in your food sticking to the pan or not searing evenly and properly. Ensure that your pan is properly heated before adding any ingredients for best results.

13)  Make sure your cakes and cookies are not under-baked


We’ve all burnt the occasional cake or cookie while baking. Under-baking your cake may be as disappointing as burning it. Your cake or brownies turn out gummy and pallid instead of crunchy and delicious. Keep an eye out and bake at the perfect temperature while constantly checking to ensure that your cake is properly baked.

14) Let the meat rest after cooking


In most cases, we never give the meat a chance to rest after cooking it. It’s straight from the pan to the plate or chopping board. Cutting the meat straight after it’s been cooked on the pan can cause your meat to lose all its moisture and juices, making it dry and chewy. Make sure your meat is succulent and mouth-watering by giving it time to rest at room temperature after it’s taken off the pan.

15) Cut your meat across the grain, not with it


For tender and delicious slices of meat, cut it across the grain and not with it. If you’re making a dish with tougher meats like beef or pork, this one thing could either make or ruin your dish. Cutting the meat with the grain results in it being chewy and hard to eat.

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