25 Cooking Blunders You’ve Been Making All This While Without Realizing

Seasoned chefs don’t get to where they are without having a few (read innumerable) blunders in the kitchen. But hey, that’s what makes them so good at their craft! Whether it’s not measuring the ingredients properly or not waiting for the meat to defrost, we’ve all been guilty of using short-cuts and tricks to hasten our cook. Sometimes they work, but sometimes you’ll be left with a questionable mass in your utensil that begs to be introduced to your garbage bin.

Although it is said that the best lessons are learnt from our mistakes, we hope that these 25 cooking blunders given below will help you to avoid making the same mistakes.

Check out this video for some useful tricks to help you in the kitchen.

1) Skipping through the recipe


Read the entire recipe from start to finish before you start cooking. Although this may seem to be very simple, most of us read only the beginning of the recipe and start cooking with plans to read more when we reach the required stage. It’s advisable to read the full recipe, gather all the ingredients together and prepare your utensils before beginning the cooking process. Not doing so can result in a lack of flavour and zest in your food.

2) Let your taste buds be the final judge

Young cook tasting her food with a grimace

Even though a recipe may be perfectly written, every human being differs in their interpretation of the recipe. What suits someone else’s palate may not necessarily suit yours. The recipe that you’re following may also have measurements written in approximation. It’s best to ensure that you keep tasting the dish while cooking and add ingredients according to taste to get the recipe right. Tasting along the way also helps you do damage control in case something doesn’t taste right or if you’ve added too much or too little of a specific ingredient.

3) Never boil when you have to simmer


It’s understandable that you may be cooking on a deadline and are in a hurry to get your dish ready before your guests arrive. However, one of the most common mistakes we make is to boil meat when it needs to be simmered. If the meat is put in boiling water instead of simmering, it may cook faster but it will be tough and dry. Avoid keeping the meat in boiling water and instead, simmer it according to instruction and your patience will be rewarded with succulent and delectable meat.

4) Try not to make substitutions while baking


Although it is tempting to substitute fatty ingredients with lower-fat ones, this does not apply to baking. Substituting ingredients while baking can be a very tricky business and can literally make or break your cake. Using substitutes that don’t gel can lead to your cake being too dense, tough or gummy. The best thing to do while baking is to try and follow the recipe exactly as it is.

5) Don’t overheat low-fat milk products


Even though we can boil cream without serious repercussions, the same does not apply to other milk products. Overheating milk products can make the milk curdle resulting in a grainy texture. Make sure the ice cream or pudding is flawless by ensuring that you don’t overheat the milk products you use in the dish.

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