25 Stunning Facts about Marilyn Monroe & the Mystery Surrounding Her Death

Who hasn’t heard of the amazing, alluring, sexy woman from yesteryear – the famous Marilyn Monroe? For those of you who don’t know this gorgeous actress and model who revolutionised the 1950’s culture and played the role of “dumb blonde” in many movies, you have definitely been living in a shell until now. As for the majority, we remember the beautiful, immortal sensation, the legendary sex symbol who continues to fascinate the world in a way that no one has ever done.

It’s been long since this “sex symbol” left for her heavenly abode, but that hasn’t affected her power to keep us fascinated by her everlasting charm. Her life has been scrutinised in detail, laying bare most of the facts that are now known to the world. However, there are still certain things about this one-time top-billed actress that are sure to amaze you.

1) Norma Jeane Baker was her name


Her original name was Norma Jeane Baker – a fact that is shocking to many and a surprise to even more.

2) Her mother was placed in a mental institution


Marilyn Monroe’s mother, Gladys, was institutionalised. As a result, Marilyn spent her childhood in eleven foster homes!

3) She wanted to use the screen name Jean Adair initially


Imagine if she was Jean Adair instead of Marilyn Monroe! Can you imagine our world without this sensational name? It’s true. She originally wanted to go ahead with the name Jean Adair before finalising on Marilyn Monroe.

4) She was highly intelligent with a high IQ


Turning the much-hated tag “dumb blonde” on its head, she showcased her intelligence with an IQ of 168.

5) Her agent convinced her to undergo plastic surgeries


She underwent two plastic surgeries to reshape the cartilage at her nose-tip and have a chin implant. Reportedly, it was her agent Johny Hyde who was the one who convinced her to do so.

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