30 Interesting Facts about Daniel Radcliffe You Probably Didn’t Know

Adorable young boys, handsome guys and just about every female of any age are going gaga over Daniel Radcliffe. He sure has come a long way. Although he shot to fame for his role in the Harry Potter (HP) series, there are some interesting things about Daniel Radcliffe that you may not know. Here’s a collection of 30 Interesting Facts about the ‘Chosen One’.

1) Unlike what many people believe, Harry Potter wasn’t Daniel Radcliffe’s debut role

His first role was that of the young David in ‘David Copperfield’, a television film released in 1999. The first instalment of Harry Potter released only in 2001.

david copperfield

2) Nicknamed ‘Harry Puffer’

Owing to his habit of regular smoking, he was nicknamed ‘Harry Puffer’ on the sets.


3) Fan of Sachin Tendulkar

Daniel Radcliffe is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar. At a Lords test, he once waited in line for his autograph. Finally, Sachin obliged without even looking up to see who it was.

sachin fan

4) Almost didn’t do Harry Potter

Daniel almost lost out on the role of Harry Potter as his parents did not want him to undertake the long commitment of shooting for all films in the series.

lost the role

5) Has a personal favourite in the series

Daniel himself has a personal favourite in the HP series – The third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

prisoner of azbakan

6) Missed only 2 days of shooting

In the 10 long years of shooting for the HP franchise, Daniel has shown his dedication and punctuality by missing only 2 days of the shoot owing to certain health issues.


7) Has a best friend on set

Daniel’s best friend on the sets of HP was a middle-aged costume department guy.

daniel friend

8) Is Dyspraxic

He has problems with his hand-eye co-ordination – this condition is called Dyspraxia.

hand eye coordination

9) Green is a favourite

Daniel Radcliffe’s favourite colour is green.

daniel color green

10) Dislikes reading reviews of his films

Interestingly, Daniel does not like to read any articles that pertain to him nor any other review of his plays and films.

daniel doesnt like reviews

11) Quit drinking

He quit alcohol when he realized that he had a serious drinking problem.


12) Had a girlfriend on the sets

For 2 years, he had a girlfriend, Rosanne Coker, a production assistant on the sets of HP-6.


13) Had a flop in another role

His next project after HP, ‘The woman in black’ was a flop at the box office.


14) Loves hot chocolate

Among beverages, he loves having Diet Coke and hot chocolate.


15) Wanted to play cricket for England

His childhood dream was to represent England at the national level in Cricket.

16) Is a poet

Under the pseudonym Jacob Gershon, he has penned several poems that have been published.


17) Had done a nude scene

In one of his roles for the stage play Equus, he has appeared fully nude.

daniel-radcliffe equus

18) Net worth exceeds $80 million

As of 2015, Daniel’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million+.

daniel net worth

19) Is a philanthropist

He is a big time philanthropist, having donated to causes like HIV, youth rehabilitation, etc.


20) Youngest non-royal displayed at the NPG

Daniel is the youngest non-royalty person to have a portrait displayed at the National Portrait Gallery.


21) Got ticked off on set

On the sets of HP, he always used to get shouted at for dropping the fixed scar while scratching his forehead.

ca. 2007 --- Daniel Radcliffe --- Image by © James Dimmock/Corbis Outline

22) Uncomfortable with crying fans

Daniel has an emotional side — while he loves to meet his fans, he doesn’t like it when they cry as he feels quite uncomfortable.


23) Is an atheist

By his own admission, Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist.

2016 Sundance Film Festival - "Swiss Army Man" Portraits

24) Owns 2 dogs

He has two dogs, Nugget and Binka who are border terriers.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 30: Daniel Radcliffe films Judd Appatow's "Trainwreck" on June 30, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

25) Supports the Labour Party

Daniel supports the Labour Party.

labour party

26) Is a voice on The Simpsons

He has given his voice for an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in 2010.

THE SIMPSONS: Bart and Digs (guest voice by Daniel Radcliffe) on the "Diggs" episode of THE SIMPSONS on FOX. THE SIMPSONS ™ and © 2014 TTCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

27) Not watched the Cursed Child play

Daniel Radcliffe has not yet watched the ‘Cursed Child’ play. He was quoted as saying ‘It wouldn’t be that comfortable to watch it now, sitting beside several overly excited fans.’


28) Loves punk music

He is interested in punk music. The bands he loves listening to include ‘The Killers’ and ‘The Sex Pistols’.

daniel music

29) Didn’t like the HP books initially

When he was 8, he tried reading the first Harry Potter book. However, he was unable to finish it. He later managed to go through it when he was cast as the lead. Apparently, he initially disliked the HP books.

29 hate hp 1

30) Can rotate his arm all around!

Daniel Radcliffe can rotate his arm 360 degrees!


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