15 Mistakes in Jab We Met Only People with Keen Observation Skills Noticed. Did You Spot Any?

Didn’t you just fall in love with talkative Geet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and chocolate boy Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) after watching Jab We Met? All of us did. It is one of the most romantic movies ever made in Bollywood, especially because of the bubbling chemistry of the two actors.

However, Bollywood never fails to disappoint when it comes to illogical scenes or continuity errors. Jab We Met happily falls in line. While many aspects in movies are altered for ‘creative purposes,’ some of them are blunders that just cannot be just overlooked. You won’t find over-the-top fight sequences or the kind of action scenes that defy the laws of physics in this movie, but you will find that it has its fair share of errors.

Before you scroll down, think about which errors you spotted when you watched the movie.

A little bit of research and working knowledge of the Indian Railways could have saved most of the bloopers (see below). However, since common sense isn’t common anymore, we’ll simply have to live through these scenes. Check out 15 mistakes in the movie that we’re sure you completely missed when you watched it. So, get your popcorn ready and watch the movie again to spot these errors and more if you can!

1) Low budget problems?


In one of the scenes, Aditya runs on the bridge of a railway station to catch a taxi. A security guard tries to tackle him, but fails. Later, we see the same guy at the reception of Hotel Decent. Makes us wonder if the producers didn’t have the budget to hire more actors!

2) When Punjab Mail changed its destination


Geet meets Aditya on the Punjab Mail. This train runs only between Mumbai and Firozpur, which is almost 400 kilometres away from Delhi. Yet, when the TTE comes to collect tickets, he prepares a ticket for Aditya up to Delhi, the last station.

3) Ratlam isn’t a rundown station


In the movie, Geet is stuck at the Ratlam Station alone and is harassed by the local men. However, Ratlam happens to be the busiest junction in the western zone and one of the most literate cities in Madhya Pradesh.

4) Punjab Mail doesn’t go through Kota


Punjab Mail follows the central route through Itarsi and Bhopal. However, the Punjab Mail in the movie somehow follows the western route and ends up in stations like Ratlam and Kota.

5) The magical backpack


When their car breaks down during the song ‘Aao Milo Chale’, Geet and Aditya start walking to find another means of transport. We see Aditya carry a backpack as they signal to a truck. In the next shot, the backpack miraculously shifts onto Geet’s shoulder.

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  1. Nice article on mistakes in jab we met.
    I found the first error in the starting where shahid leaves his car open and car keys wit wallet on the roof. Later he is seen paying for ticket , taxi and giving change for water.

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