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    Are You In Love? Here are 17 Signs that You May Have Found ‘True Love’

    Are you in a relationship that is both emotionally and physically fulfilling? Does this person make you feel happy, content and make you want to share your innermost feelings with him or her? If you say yes, you could be in love. Since love and relationships, in general, are super complicated, we’ve compiled a list […]

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    25 Inspiring Films to Watch When You’re Feeling Blue. Is Your Favourite Movie on the List?

    When you’re feeling low or overwhelmed by responsibilities, work and relationships, you just need a spark of inspiration to get you back on your feet. Movies give you just that —a temporary but effective escape from the nitty-gritties of life — and fill the void for the time when you’re feeling lonely. We usually watch […]

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    Why Indian Government Doesn’t Want to Open Secret Rooms in Taj Mahal & 25 Other Astounding Taj Mahal Facts!

    Sold repeatedly by a conman! There are many such lesser-known and mind blowing facts about this grand mausoleum that you may not know. The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and rightfully so because of its endearing beauty and rich heritage. It is one of the most iconic structures in […]

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    25 Cooking Blunders You’ve Been Making All This While Without Realizing

    Seasoned chefs don’t get to where they are without having a few (read innumerable) blunders in the kitchen. But hey, that’s what makes them so good at their craft! Whether it’s not measuring the ingredients properly or not waiting for the meat to defrost, we’ve all been guilty of using short-cuts and tricks to hasten […]

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    25 Crazy Things to Do in Goa. How Many Have You Done?

    Want to party in Goa this New Year’s Eve or anytime soon? Goa has a charm that doesn’t seem to fade. But have you really explored all the experiences that Goa has to offer? While Goa is a great place to party, how about doing something offbeat while you’re there? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by […]

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